The Wrath of Kings

Arrival to Ar'Dash, the desert penal colony of Essos

The harsh whistling wind of the surrounding desert whipped violently about the clustered buildings that made up the penal colony of Ar’Dash, and many of the prisoners were seen rushing into the various buildings scattered area the prison. As the Macetail Behemoth penal caravan slowed to a stop just inside the gates of Ar’Dash, allowing the incoming prisoners to see the growing shadow on the encroaching sandstorm in the distance. The guards of the penal colony, who were better suited for the scouring sands lashing around the camp, approached the disembarking newcomers and start jostling the new arrivals into a number of groups.

One of these groups held five adventurers that were destined for the one place no prisoner of Ar’Dash ever wanted to be sent to, the desecrated temple that held Ar’Dash’s arena. The five adventurers had been sentenced to ten years of hard labour in the mines or two years of combat in the arena, and after spending the night in the local jail cell they had been branded with an Ar’Dash arena battle tattoo against their will or knowledge. They had no choice in their destination within the penal camp but if they were smart, they would die within the confines of the arena or escape from the prison as soon as they were able. 524_max.jpg

The adventurers were unique and differed from most of the prisoners that they had shared the carriage to the penal colony. They were royal misfits from the continent of Westeros and due this they were treated with a little bit more respect than the average prisoner, for instance they had been allowed to keep their armor for protection within the prison. Unbeknownst to them, they were being ransomed back to their families in Westeros.

Each of the adventurers had their own reasons for being in the stone walls of Ar’Dash, each reason was personal to them and hopefully their reason would also help them get out of Ar’Dash before death came knocking on their door.

Wraith of Kings Adventure Log
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