The Ten Kingdoms of the West

The Kingdom of the Wall – Home to the Exiled Lineages, Bastard Name of Wall
Great House – Blackfrye of Castle Black
Noble Houses – Blackmont of Deep Lake, Torrent of Eastwatch, Gardener of Greenguard, Greystark of Greyguard, Hoare of Hoarfrost Hill, Mudd of Icemark, Frey of Longbarrow, Florent of Oakenshield, Allyrion of Nightfort, Morrigen of Queensgate, Reyne of Rimegate, Parren of Sable Hall, Darklyn of Sentinel Stand, Arryn of Shadow Tower, Durrendon of Stonedoor, Sunglass of Torches, Greyiron of Westwatch, Woodfoot of Woodswatch

The Kingdom of Snow – Home to the Lineage, Bastard Name of North
Great House – Stark of Winterfell
Noble Houses – Castle Cerwyn, Deepwood Motte, The Dreadfort, Flint’s Finger, Greywater Watch, Hornwood, Karhold, Last Hearth, Moat Cailin, Oldcastle, Queenscrown, Ramsgate, Torrhen’s Square, Widow’s Watch
Lesser Houses – Ashwood, Blackmyre, Cerwyn, Dustin, Flint, Knott, Locke, Mormont, Reed,
Banished House – Greystark, Woodfoot

The Kingdom of Mountain – Home to the Baelish Lineage, Bastard Name of Mountain
Great House – Baelish of The Eyrie
Arqueak Baelish, 6th son of King Persnikkt Baelish
Noble Houses – Bloody Gate, Runestone, Wickendon
Lesser Houses – Shett, Templeton, Waxley
Banished House – Arryn, Torrent

The Kingdom of Iron Isles – Home to the Lineage, Bastard Name of Isles
Great House – Greyjoy of Pyke
Noble Houses – Blacktyde, Great Wyk, Harlaw, Lonely Light , Old Wyk, Orkmont, Pyke, Saltcliffe
Lesser Houses – Botley, Drumm, Farwynd, Hammerhorn, Shatterstone, Orkmont , Kenning, Merlyn, Myre, Orkwood, Sparr, Stonehouse, Stonetree, Sunderly, Tawney, Volmark, Wynch
Banished House – Hoare, Greyiron

The Kingdom of the Rivers – Home to the Lineage, Bastard Name of Rivers
Great House – Tully of Riverrun
Noble Houses – Harrenhal, Pinkmaiden, Raventree Hall, Seagard, Stone Hedge, The Twins
Lesser Houses – Darry, Fisher, Harroway, Justman, Lothston, Qoherys, Strong, Teague, Towers, Whent
Banished House – Mudd, Frey

The Kindgom of the Marsh – Home to the Lineage, Bastard Name of Marsh
Great House – Targaryen of Dragonstone
Noble Houses – Antlers, Red Keep, The Whispers
Lesser Houses – Brownhollow, Hogg, Bar Emmon, Celtigar, Velaryon, Boggs, Dyre Den, Cave, Crabb, Hardy, Pyne, Blackfyre, Cargyll, Darklyn, Hollard, Rambton, Sunglass
Banished House – Blackfyre, Sunglass, Darklyn

Kingdom of the Rock – Home to the Lineage, Bastard Name of Rock
Great House – Lannister of Casterly Rock
Lo-Krag “Stagger” Lannister, 12th son of King Thotham “Mountainbringer” Lannister the 13th

Kingdom of the Flower – Home to the Lineage, Bastard Name of Flower
Great House – Tyrell of Highgarden
Noble Houses – Bandallon, Bitterbridge, Blackcrown, Brightwater Keep, Cider Hall, Goldengrove, Grassy Vale, Honeyholt, Horn Hill, Old Oak, Red Lake, Three Towers, Sun House, Uplands
Lesser Houses – Chester, Grimm, Hewett, Serry
Banished House – Gardener, Florent

Kingdom of the Storm – Home to the Baratheon Lineage

The Kingdom of Sand – Home to the Lineage, Bastard Name of Sand
Great House – Hellholt of Sunspear
Mikal “Bladesinger” Hellholt
Noble Houses – Martell, Ghost Hill, Godsgrace, Kingsgrave, Lemonwood, Saltshore, Sandstone, Skyreach, Starfall, The Tor, Yronwood, Vaith
Lesser Houses – Dalt, High Hermitage, Drinkwater, Santagar, Wells
Banished House – Blackmont, Allyrion

The Ten Kingdoms of the West

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