Assassin Gear

Dagger of Revenge +1 Lvl 3 – You’re foe’s attack bites deep but your counterstrike hits even harder.
Weapon: Dagger
Enhancement: Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls
Critical: +1d6 poison damage per plus
Power (Daily): Immediate Reaction Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you bloodies you with an attack.
Effect: Make a basic melee attack against a triggering enemy with this dagger. On a hit, enemy is pushed back 5 square and you shift 5 squares as long as you are adjacent to that enemy.

Feinting GlovesThese supple black leather gloves help misdirect your opponent’s attention.
Item Slot: Hands
Property: You can +2 to bluff check to gain combat advantage.
Power (Daily): Minor Action. You gain combat advantage against the next creature you attack this tum.

Altair’s Vambracers +1 Lvl 5 – A famously skilled assassin, was capable of making a kill with seemingly no weapon. The target would be surprised when a blade was stabbed through his chest from Altair’s bracer.
Item Slot: Arms
Power (Encounter): Free Reaction.
Property: You can summon forth a light blade that deals 1d6 + Str Mod damage.

Gambler’s Suit +1 Lvl 4 – Luck is fickle, this stylish set of leathers plays both sides of the coin.
Armor: Leather
Enhancement: AC
Property: When you make to saving throws, you can choose to do +2 bonus to the first one and -2 penalty to the second.
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: An enemy hits you with an attack. Effect: The triggering enemy re-rolls the attack roll and must use the second re-roll. If that result is a hit. The attack scores a critical hit.

Mask of the Shadow Warrior Lvl 3 – This obsidian mask has been fashioned into the likeness of a shadow demon. Framing the face are eight finger-like straps that hold the mask in place on the wearer’s head.
Item Slot: Head
Property: +2 item bonus to Intimidate Checks

Darkness Cloak +1 Lvl 3 – This black cloak writhes as if it were alive.
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will
Power (Daily): Minor Action. You are hidden from sight until the end of your next turn
Property: Gain a +1 item bonus to stealth skill checks.

Poisoner’s GirdleThis wide black baldric keeps poisons within easy reach.
Item Slot: Waist
Property: This belt can hold up to six poison bottles. You can retrieve a poison from the belt as a free action.

Assault Boots Lvl 3 – These black leather boots keep you moving in combat, to a deadly effect.
Item Slot: Feet
Property: You ignore difficult terrain with you first engage an enemy.
Power (Dally): Standard Action. You jump a number of squares equal to your speed and use one of your At Will power with a +1 bonus attack roll.

Assassin Gear

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